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Fear and loathing in Kingfisher Episode 1

Enjoy the first episode of Fear and Loathing in Kingfisher Resort- an exciting video series produced by kingfisher resort Kite Utopia. The series focus on Kite Utopia's experience when Kitesurfing Kingfisher (Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, Philippines).

The first episode is focused on our impression of Kingfisher resort itself and is based on our impressions as well as those shared by guests of the resort.

Don't be surprised that the resort is ranked so highly on Tripadvisor - the kingfisher owner manipulate reviews and enjoy lack of competition.

Our bottomline on Kingfisher Kitesurfing is:

The place can be exciting and challenging for experienced kitesurfers because of the consistent winds and waves, people not engaged in watersports are very likely to be disappointed.

See you in the next episode!



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5 Jungler i Thailand Du Ikke Må Gå Glipp Av

Det er forskjellige ting som du ikke har oppdaget i Thailand enn, bortsett fra deres populre krydret mat og kampsport. De har skjnnheten i naturen som venter p deg oppdage. Hvis du planlegger en Thailand reise i Asia, spesielt i Thailand, s kanskje du br oppleve noen reell land samhandling og inn jungelen i Thailand. Dette er de fem beste jungelen i Thailand som du ikke br g glipp av i reise til Asia. Vi vil ikke anbefale at du skriver inn noen av disse jungelen uten autorisert guide Thailand.

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(Kite) Surf's up in Thailand

kiteboarding thailand

Surfs up in Thailand. Long recognized as having some of the best surfing available are the waves on Thailand. Heres some helpful information regarding surfing in Thailand.

The best time to surf in Thailand is during the winter months from November through March. This is when huge waves come into the north and west coastlines. Storms in the north Pacific are most active over this time and create huge waves.

This makes the North shore of Thailand one of the best locations for surfers from around the world looking for the big wave.

The East shore of Thailand is also where some of the largest and best known surfing competitions are held. In many cases the big waves you see surfers conquering are located at Thailand.

For those people who surf over the summer, they typically head to the south and east locations due to the impact which South Pacific storms have there.

But the best surfing beaches are in the northern part of the island. One the best surfing beaches as rated by many enthusiastic surfers is the RawayPipeline. It can be reached by car or bus from Huay YangBeach.

During the winter, youll find huge waves rolling in endlessly. The coral shelf and relatively shallow ocean water help to create those famous tubular shapes. These waves look similar to pipes which is how the beach got its name.

IKO instructor

And keep in mind that during the summer, this same beach has much calmer water which is great for swimming or simply enjoying the sun and sand.

For those who wish to surf along the south shore, check out This is a 76 acre park which is located west of Waikiki beach. Not only is surfing popular, but visitors enjoy swimming and body boarding as well.

There are great picnicking spots available and restrooms, showers, lifeguards, and food is available here. It is also a great spot for families to enjoy the beach and then visit nearby Thailand landmarks like theGrand Palace

The surfing at Pak Nam Pran tends to be frequented by locals who are expert surfers and can navigate the bowls there. Other famous south shore surfing beaches are located nearHua Hin and PranburiBeach. The waves here can reach four to six feet in height and this area is known for its raw natural beauty.

This is some useful information and tips on kitesurfing Thailand. Kitesurfing in Thailand truly is a surfers paradise and an experience not to be missed. Contact IKO Thailand for more information

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What You Should Know About Muay Thai Boxing In Thailand


Muay Thai Boxing is now a popular boxing match internationally. It is originally based in Thailand and well known as "combat sport". It requires strength, physical preparation and endurance in defeating from one fighter to another. The fighters are using their knees, fists, elbows and shins in gaming. Each and every fighter has their own technique and skills in defeating their opponent, which would definitely make the crowd entertained in watching every fight.

This sport called Muay Thai Boxing in Thailand, is also one of the reasons why people or tourists want to travel Thailand. Aside from their spicy dishes, exotic foods and beauty of nature, this sports has really made everyone feel excitement.

Furthermore, you will be able to see this Muay Thai Boxing in Thailand in their popular stadium called "Lumpinee Boxing Staduim". It is approximately 20-45 minutes to travel from the town, but you can always look up in the internet and get the map on the road, to help you get there fast and easy. Just make sure that you get to bring enough cash to watch the live boxing because you have to pay certain amount to watch it.

Another thing that you can do is to get trained with this popular boxing sport. There are trainings held and you might want to get yourself into the real action, so get your physical and emotional mind prepared ahead of time, because you are going to need it. But before you get yourself indulge to training, use these following tips to get yourself physically prepared and learn the martial arts which is applied with boxing. This is your Thailand guide to Thai boxing.

thailand reiseNever go to training right after you came - most tourist are excited to experience and try their physical skills by training in Muay Thai Boxing. They would end up going to training right after they came to the place and go for a fight, but that is not right. You should take a rest, take some time to get into their the heat of their temperature and train yourself slowly.

Get your body prepared with the heat of Thailand - yes, it is important to keep in touch with their environment and expect that county is hot. It would be best to learn to adapt in their temperature before you do anything like trainings, but if you just want to chill out then you can go around and experience their night life or bars.

Prepare the price to pay in training - of course, there is always a price you have to pay when you go to trainings and this could be costly, so get your cash prepared and get trained. Rest assured you will learn a lot of things which is right for the price you pay.

Train slowly and increase when your body can do it - it is essential to get trained slowly and increase it once you have learned to adapt in their environment. You should know by now how to handle their environment and be able to learn things from your training.

Avoid gaining weight - when you are on training and you are really interested about it, then you should avoid yourself from gaining weight. This means you should take care of your food intake and get focused on training.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that you should never attack any Thai people when you are not in fight, because you might end up being arrested or fight with one group of Thai people, so be careful with your actions when you visit to any other country, because they have their own culture of protecting every Thai people. For a night out in Bangkok you should travel with a Bangkok guide to get the most fun

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R¯rlegger vakt

Har du genuint ha en n¯dsituasjon r¯rlegger? Hvis du er lage et sv¯mmebasseng, du sannsynligvis ikke , men da innsiden av ens hjem begynner for A imitere et sv¯mmebasseng, du mest nesten helt sikkert gj¯r.

Du finner utvilsomt jobber som krever de tjenester av en lisensiert r¯rlegger, herunder nAr toalettet sikkerhetskopierer inn dine baljer og vasker, eller nAr du behov emisjon innen ny r¯rledning. Likevel det er faktisk jobber som ringe for ikke bare noen r¯rlegger, men en n¯dsituasjon r¯rlegger, herunder nAr vannet ukontrollert renner http://www.serviceavdelingen.no/oslo/roerlegger-bogerud ut pA tappekran og toaletter starter flom huset . NAr det er sagt, de er pA en premie. Hvordan du vet if det er mA ha for sine tjenester eller ikke?

Har du Genuint MA ha en utryknings r¯rlegger?

Rett f¯r du kontakter noen r¯rlegger, du ville behov for A slA av vannet gi, eller hvis mulig vannlinjen som leverer den ligaen. Dette kan slutte enhver videre vann skade. Dette vil ogsA mest sannsynlig opph¯re vannstr¯mmen. nAr du har stoppet vannstr¯mmen, vurdere omstendighet . NAr dilemma er definitivt en fylte toalett, vil du vEre all passende till morgen, sA lenge du ikke flush. Du kan ogsA vente innen morgen b¯r du vil trolig vEre stand A lokal alternativer, som pAf¯ring kj¯kkenbenken istedenfor bad vasken. Du kunne deretter unngA betale for premie for A kalle innen 24-timers r¯rlegger under kvelden timer, eller hele ferier eller helg.

Ringe en r¯rlegger for n¯dhjelp

Likevel , hvis umiddelbart etter A slA av vannet og vurdere situasjonen og din krise kan ikke vEre sted av, vEre klar f¯r ringer en n¯dsituasjon r¯rlegger og har noen informasjon og henvendelser lettest available nAr du fA tak i en .

F¯r ringe r¯rlegger nummer fors¯ke avgj¯re de problemer sA tett som du vil vEre i stand til . Den extra bestemt og mye mer Fakta deg kan gi den bedret http://www.serviceavdelingen.no/oslo/roerlegger-kjelsas de vil ha muligheten til A mAle krise og estimat prisen reparasjon.

Det er ogsA en veldig god oppfatningen til samtale ganske mange r¯rlegger tall if you vanligvis ikke imidlertid ha en lisensiert r¯rlegger for valg . Du vil vEre i i en posisjon A fA ganske mange sitater tjeneste kontakt avgifter som det kunne iblant vEre betydelig forskjell i priser.

OgsA be A fA en tilbud for tjenesten kontakt . Noen vil ta betalt for utgangspunktet kommer til hus selv om de ikke ville vEre gj¯r eventuelle reparasjoner da. VEr sikker pA for A be om dette mengde forhAnd, og ikke bli sjokkert av det i regningen.

Be om et anslag for den totale kostnads ?? for reparasjoner. Noen 24-timers r¯rleggere ikke vil gi et estimat over den telefon, og ville vil personlig vurdere r¯rlegger knipe f¯rste . Men du kan ha muligheten til A fA et grovt anslag og en konseptet av kost if you kommer godt informert om VVS n¯dsituasjon. Bilde ut scenario for n¯dsituasjon r¯rlegger og be for den vanlige eller gjennomsnittlig bekostning reparasjon.

Hvis du er ringer et n¯dnummer service, alltid be om krise r¯rlegger til samtale du innledende slik at vil du vEre i stand til snakke mot r¯rlegger personlig og fA et bedret estimat kostnads ??.

SA for tiden helst du vAkner om night og ogsA eiendommen begynner bli som innend¯rsbasseng, aldri panikk. Stop vannstr¯mmen, vurdere omstendighet , og hvis det egentlig er en r¯rlegger krise at vil rask action, komme i kontakt med en n¯dsituasjon r¯rlegger til A komme ut for din eiendommen.

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Thailand Reise

Les om Ferie Til Thailand

Alt om Thailand Reise reise thailand visum August


Ferien I Thailand